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15.10.2006 - VOIP for a forward thinking food company.

Through a strategic alliance with Rightway SW, a solution provider based in Somerset, CITS Ltd were commisioned to install a VOIP Based Telephone System for Emerald Fine Foods, Wincanton, Somerset.

By using Asterisk PBX and VOIP technology Emerald Fine Foods can benefit from huge savings on the cost of local, national and international telephone calls. Additionally, and for no extra cost, the system is able to record all calls, provide detailed call logs, transfer both internal and external, offer voicemail, music on hold, automated system attendant and much more.

Asterisk PBX offers features and benefits only normally found on the most expensive proprietary systems and for a fraction of the price. Furthermore, because of the reduced call charges when using VOIP it is only a matter of time before the system pays for itself!

Technology used:

  • Asterisk PBX

Further information available at and VOIP Info